Mark Henry def. Randy Orton (New World Heavyweight Champion)

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September 18, 2011

BUFFALO, N.Y. – After 15 years in WWE, Mark Henry finally dominated his way into greatness, capturing his first World Heavyweight Championship in a clash of pure brutality with Randy Orton at Night of Champions. (PHOTOS)

Though Mark Henry was destined to make history when the smoke cleared, his grueling championship showdown with the incomparable Randy Orton proved nothing short of all-out mutual destruction from the word go. The Viper’s quick, calculated intensity and unending heart allowed him to dish out incredible damage to his incensed No. 1 contender. Henry’s powerful fury and unrelenting strength answered back with an unspeakable amount of punishment on the nine-time World Champion. However, when all was said and done, it was just a question of fate. Following a crippling kick to Orton’s leg, Henry avoided the RKO, hitting his wounded prey with the World’s Strongest Slam to earn a victory a decade and a half in the making.    

Just moments after the biggest triumph of his career, the new World Heavyweight Champion refused to share his triumph with anyone,  welcomed the WWE Universe to his “Hall of Pain” and informed all the “doubters” and  “haters” that he will be the most dominant champion ever.

For months now, an enraged Henry has been busy, filling his infamous “Hall of Pain” with a list of victims that included Kane, Big Show, Sheamus and any other unfortunate soul who has gotten in his way. However, once he became the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Title in a 20-Man Battle Royal on SmackDown (WATCH), The World's Strongest Man turned even more vicious, relentless and focused in his brutal path of destruction. And the focal point was WWE’s Apex Predator. The furious Superstar took down The Viper moments after Orton’s Steel Cage World Title victory over Christian on a live SuperSmackDown Aug. 30 (WATCH), repeated his onslaught 10 days later on SmackDown and then again in the midst of massive mayhem that followed “The Cutting Edge.” (WATCH)

Despite the incredible list of credits to Randy Orton’s name, the irate grappler destined to rip the World Title from his grasp possesses both the rage and experience to become one of the most dominant World Heavyweight Champions in WWE history. Does the The Viper have what it takes to knock this uncontrollable force of nature off the top of mountain? Find out this Friday on SmackDown at 8/7 CT on Syfy.

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