U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler won the Fatal 4-Way Match

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September 18, 2011

Buffalo, N.Y. – United States Champion Dolph Zigger, Jack Swagger, Alex Riley and John Morrison, four of the finest athletes in WWE, squared off in a high-octane thriller that could have seen any one of the Superstars emerge victorious. But it was Dolph Ziggler’s quick thinking that allowed him to retain the title — much to the delight of Vickie Guerrero.(PHOTOS)

Certainly, there were some question to where the self-proclaimed “Goddess of Guidance’s” allegiances would lie with Jack Swagger — who has been vying to be managed by Vickie, also being in the contest.

U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler won the Fatal 4-Way MatchThere was never any doubt that this match would be the one of the most athletic coming from the First Niagara Center. Riley, Ziggler and Swagger are all former Division-I collegiate athletes and Morrison is a master of parkour, blending his amazing agility with focus and determination, using the environment to his advantage. Each Superstar was focused to use his individual talents to not only claim the coveted U.S. Title, but to also earn the right to show the WWE Universe that his name belongs in the history books alongside former U.S. Champions like WWE Hall of Famers Harley Race and Ricky Steamboat, to name a few.

For Alex Riley, Night of Champions was an opportunity to prove that he is ready to be a champion. The former NXT Rookie and protégé of The Miz, has certainly forged his own path in recent months. The same can be said for John Morrison, who also shares a history with The Miz. The Guru of Greatness involved himself in the chase for the U.S. Title, adding further prestige to a career that already includes the World Tag Team and Intercontinental Titles.

While Riley and Morrison were looking primarily to acquire the title, Jack Swagger and champion Dolph Ziggler were both also vying for the exclusive management services of Vickie Guerrero. Since it was unclear if she would remain in Ziggler’s corner or fulfill Swagger’s wish and bring him under her wing.

The four Superstars wasted no time going after each other as soon as the opening bell sounded. They were each well aware that in a Fatal 4-Way Match, the contest could end at any moment, whether or not the champion submits or is pinned. The four athletic competitors risked everything to maintain an edge over each other.U.S. Champion Dolph Ziggler won the Fatal 4-Way Match

Although Vickie Guerrero assisted and distracted both Swagger and Ziggler at different points in the match, it was Ziggler thinking on his feet that allowed him to secure victory. Pushing The All-American American away from John Morrison following Swagger’s patented Gutwrench Powerbomb, Ziggler jumped on the opportunity to secure the pinfall for himself.

Later, in a post-match interview, an ecstatic Vickie claimed every WWE Superstar wants her managerial services, and suggested that she is the reason that Ziggler is a winner and that is why Swagger and the rest of the roster is vying for her guidance.

Certainly, the chase for the United States Championship isn’t over for Riley, Morrison and Swagger. And based on Vickie’s comments, the contention for her guidance may also be far from resolved.

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