WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne def. The Miz & R-Truth by Disqualification

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September 18, 2011

BUFFALO, N.Y.  - Unfortunate oversight or calculated conspiracy? It all depends on who you ask.

During their controversial match at Night of Champions, WWE Tag Team Title holders Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne prevailed over The Miz & R-Truth by disqualification, but not before three questionable calls by the match’s referee. (EXCLUSIVE: MIZ & TRUTH SOUND OFF | PHOTOS)

For months, Truth has espoused the theory that WWE is conspiring against him. After ranting to his tag team partner, Miz slowly got sucked into the mindset. Following the events at Night of Champions, however, the WWE Universe is left to wonder whether or not the conspiracy theorists are actually on to something.

During the bout, referee Rod Zapata did not notice a missed tag from Evan to Kofi. He also called Truth for a missed tag that appeared to be legit. Then, later in the match, as Zapata was distracted reprimanding Truth, who stood on the ring apron, The Awesome One seemingly scored another three-count inside the ring – which also went unnoticed. In the wake of the questionable officiating, Miz attacked Zapata, prompting an immediate disqualification and allowing their opponents to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

In a post-match interview, an irate Miz and Truth had strong words for WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H, who they blamed for their loss.

As Air Boom celebrated their victory, the WWE Universe was left wondering whether or not it witnessed a conspiracy or a coincidence?

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