Beth Phoenix def. Michelle McCool in an Extreme Makeover Match (New Women's Champion)

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April 25, 2010

BALTIMORE — Women's Champion Michelle McCool couldn't run forever.

For weeks, the self-centered Diva has avoided Beth Phoenix at every turn, doing whatever she could to hold on to her beloved title. But at Extreme Rules there was nowhere left to run. Even with the always underhanded Layla and Vickie Guerrero watching her back, McCool fell to The Glamazon and lost the Women's Championship in the first-ever Extreme Makeover Match. (PHOTOS)

The showdown between these two talented Divas was a unique one to say the least. Inspired by Michelle's obsession with beauty, the Extreme Makeover Match called for a ringside table to be littered with items like lipstick, mascara and an ironing board, which the competitors could use to attack each other.

And that's exactly what The Glamazon and the Women's Champion did. In a wild fracas that saw Layla smashed with a broom, Beth blinded by hair spray and Michelle whacked with a dirty bucket, these Divas truly went to the extreme. But in the end it was a devastating Glam Slam from Beth that sealed Michelle's fate and gave The Glamazon the Women's Championship.

After having to watch Michelle and Layla's wretched behavior for months, the WWE Universe was desperate to see the ladies of Lay-Cool get what was coming to them. Since the days before WrestleMania, the devious duo has made life miserable for nearly every Diva on the roster. The final straw came on last Friday's SmackDown when Michelle and Layla humiliated Beth after a tag bout, slamming her head into an ironing board and smearing lipstick all over her face.

Beth Phoenix deserved retribution and she got it at Extreme Rules.

But if their track record is any indication, Michelle, Vickie and Layla are already plotting a comeback against Phoenix. What will happen the next time the new Women's Champion butts head with Lay-Cool and Vickie? Tune in to SmackDown to find out.

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