The Hart Dynasty wins Tag Team Gauntlet Match (Earns Tag Title Match on Raw)

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April 25, 2010

BALTIMORE - The overconfidence of Unified Tag Team Champions Show-Miz would ultimately lead to their downfall as The Hart Dynasty defeated the championship pair in an impromptu Tag Team Gauntlet Match and earned a title opportunity on Raw's three-hour Draft event.

With the support of WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart, who was on hand for Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith's Extreme Rules triumph, The Hart Dynasty finally earned the opportunity of a lifetime that has escaped them since the night after WrestleMania.

It began when The "Hit Man's" farewell to the WWE Universe was interrupted by Show-Miz, who disparaged Bret and the Hart family. The champions reluctantly accepted a challenge from The Hart Dynasty, but would lose via intentional count-out.

A few weeks later, The Excellence of Execution objected to Show-Miz's declaration that they are greatest tag team of all time, however, when David Hart Smith failed to earn a title opportunity against The Miz, "The Awesome One" demanded that Bret Hart himself declare the Unified Tag Champs as the greatest tag team ever.

At Extreme Rules, with Big Show & The Miz demanding competition, SmackDown General Manger Teddy Long ordered Show-Miz into action against a tag team of his choosing. If his tag team defeated the Unified Tag Champs, they'd earn the opportunity to challenge Show-Miz for the tag titles the next night on Raw.

Upset, The Miz berated SmackDown's General Manager. Long was certainly not in the mood for "The Awesome One's" big mouth and added another team to the mix, creating a Tag Team Gauntlet Match.

The Gauntlet Match started with a WrestleMania rematch as John Morrison & R-Truth were the first challengers for The Miz & Big Show. Similar to their clash at The Showcase the Immortals, the Unified Tag Champs were victorious. However, at Extreme Rules, and thanks to The Miz's big mouth, their victory only led them to their next opponents: MVP & Mark Henry. While Big Show & The Miz managed to defeat their second challengers, they were exhausted with one tag team left to go.

The third and final tandem would be The Hart Dynasty, accompanied by Bret Hart. The fatigued Show-Miz was no match for the fresh and eager Hart Dynasty, who took advantage of the situation and quickly defeated the champions to earn a Unified Tag Team Championship opportunity on Raw.

With Raw's three-hour Draft sure to shake up WWE, will The Hart Dynasty's momentum against the tag champions result in a Unified Tag Team Title change as well? Can Tyson Kidd & David Hart Smith join the likes of The Hart Foundation and the British Bulldogs as holders of championship gold?

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