JTG def. Shad Gaspard (Strap Match)

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April 25, 2010

BALTIMORE — With the brutality exhibited by JTG and Shad Gaspard in their Strap Match, it's hard to believe that these two men were once the fun loving members of Cryme Tyme. But at Extreme Rules, the former partners made it clear that their friendship is very much over. And with his victory, JTG proved that it's his time to shine. (PHOTOS)

The win was a harrowing one for the Brooklyn Superstar as the stipulation clearly favored Shad. Unlike a regular bout in which a winner is determined by pinfall or submission, the Strap Match calls for the victor to touch all four turnbuckles in succession without being interrupted by their opponent. While this might not seem like a particularly difficult task, imagine trying to do it with an angry, intense Superstar tied to your arm with a leather strap.

Standing at a towering 6-foot-7 and weighing nearly 300 pounds, Shad's imposing size gave him a major advantage in this dangerous bout. Utilizing his strength, Gaspard was able to drag his opponent across the apron and even launch him over the top rope. Still, despite his underdog position, JTG used his street smarts to beat his former partner. While Shad was preoccupied with breaking his opponent down, JTG slyly touched all four turnbuckles and picked up the win.

This victory is a big one for JTG after the long line of beatings he suffered at the hands of Shad. It was only four weeks ago that Gaspard first attacked JTG, brutalizing his partner after a disappointing loss to the team of R-Truth & John Morrison on SmackDown. In the weeks that followed, the big man repeatedly assaulted JTG and continually announced to the WWE Universe that "there was no more Cryme Tyme, it's my time!"

But when it came down to it, time was actually on JTG's side.

Will Shad seek revenge against JTG on Friday's SmackDown? Or will Monday's Draft bring the Superstars to separate brands? Tune in to Raw tomorrow night to find out.

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