Daivari def. Tommy Dreamer

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December 03, 2006

The Great Khali continued his path of intimidation and destruction tonight at December to Dismember.

Throughout Daivari's match, Khali made taunting motions at ECW Original Tommy Dreamer. The giant was ejected after causing Dreamer to fly out of the ring when he pulled the ropes out from under him.

Daivari went on to win the match alone when he illegally rolled up Dreamer by the tights. However, the referee didn't see it and counted 1-2-3. An enraged Dreamer chased Daivari up the entrance ramp only to run head first into Khali.

Khali picked Dreamer up by the throat and slammed him down onto the unyielding steel stage. The ECW Original was incapacitated for several minutes. EMTs rushed to Dreamers side, but he fought them off in order to leave the arena under his own power.

After the match, Daivari told ECW.com, "I beat Tommy Dreamer. That was a message to everyone in the ECW locker room that there's nothing anyone can to stop me."

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