Balls Mahoney def. Matt Striker

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December 03, 2006

Matt Striker arrived at December to Dismember to face Balls Mahoney. However, before the match began, he wanted to know if the ECW faithful wanted to see him in an Extreme Rules Match.

The Extreme Educator then said the match would be contested under "Extreme enforcement of the rules." Striker added "No gouging of the eyes, no pulling of the hair, no maneuvers off the top rope, and most importantly, no foul language." He then grinned and wondered aloud "if Balls can wrestle under ‘Striker's Rules'."

The ECW original Balls Mahoney did just that, as he answered the teacher's challenge. Mahoney was able to show the non-extreme side of his skills, and he had the crowd in Augusta firmly behind him. Balls surprised Striker as he scored the victory. 

After the match Striker was less than enthusiastic. "He cheated. He pulled my hair. Did you hear that language he was using in the ring? I'm making a citizen's disqualification and declaring myself the winner."

Mahoney had a different view as he told "Striker underestimated me. I have an amateur background in wrestling, and he definitely didn't do his homework on that one."

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