Kevin Thorn & Ariel def. Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly

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December 03, 2006

After a vicious attack at the hands of Ariel two weeks ago on ECW, Kelly Kelly joined current boyfriend Mike Knox to take on the bloodsucking team of Kevin Thorn and his succubus, Ariel.

Kelly and Knox's relationship has been strained as of late ever since the sexy young exhibitionist started taking a liking to ECW's straight-edge Extremist, C.M. Punk. Before the match and much to Knox's dismay, Kelly Kelly wished Punk luck as he prepared to compete in the Extreme Elimination Chamber.

When the four extremists met in the ring, Knox and Thorn both put forth valiant efforts. When it came time for the Divas to do battle, Ariel ruthlessly dominated the less experienced Kelly Kelly. As her punishing continued, Kelly crawled towards Knox for the tag. In a shocking turn of events, Knox backed away leaving his girlfriend at the mercy of Ariel. After pinning Kelly and picking up the win, Ariel immediately launched into another attack. Just when it seemed like Kelly had no hope of walking out of the match in one piece, Sandman -- the beer-swilling bad ass -- blasted into the arena kendo stick swinging. As the crowd exploded with applause, Sandman destroyed Thorn and then chugged a beer in celebration. 

Speaking with after the match, Sandman explained his recent absence from ECW, "Knox is lucky he wasn't in the ring too. I've been on a three week bender. I had to get a little aggression out tonight and that's how we do it ECW style!"

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