Balls Mahoney def. Matt Striker

Matt Striker arrived at December to Dismember to face Balls Mahoney. However, before the match began, he wanted to know if the ECW faithful wanted to see him in an Extreme Rules Match.

Kevin Thorn & Ariel def. Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly

After a vicious attack at the hands of Ariel two weeks ago on ECW, Kelly Kelly joined current boyfriend Mike Knox to take on the bloodsucking team of Kevin Thorn and his succubus, Ariel.

Veteran advice

The Elimination Chamber has only made four appearances in sports-entertainment history, and as such, not many men have stepped foot inside the dangerous structure. Tonight, when six ECW Extremists enter the Chamber to wage war over the ECW World Title, there will be one man with previous Chamber experience: Rob Van Dam.

Chamber of horrors

At this Sunday's December to Dismember, for the very first time ever, six Extremists will torture their souls in an Extreme Elimination Chamber Match in pursuit of the ECW World Title.