Umaga def. Ric Flair

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April 30, 2006

Four weeks ago, Armando Alejandro Estrada introduced RAW to the monster that is Umaga. The Samoan savage made an immediate impact, brutalizing the 16-time world champion, Ric Flair. He set him up in the corner and ran full speed across the ring, squashing the Nature Boy's head in between the turnbuckles and his ample backside. Flair was out of commission for a couple of weeks, but he came roaring back one week prior to Backlash, sending Umaga into retreat-mode.

This time Flair couldn't be attacked from behind, and he showed early on why he's the Dirtiest Player in the Game. The Nature Boy connected with a low blow and a mule kick early on, but nothing was going to stop Umaga in his pay-per-view debut.

Umaga absorbed Flair's early onslaught and came back with a vengeance. He set Flair up in the corner and first hit him with a vicious head butt, and then sent his head back into the turnbuckle with another massive charge, reminiscent of the attack four weeks ago. Umaga followed that up with a second-rope headbutt and a thumb spike to the carotid artery for the impressive victory. Can anyone stop the devastating force that is Umaga?

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