Kane vs. Big Show (No Contest)

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April 30, 2006

Kane & Big Show were one of the most dominant tag team that the world of sports entertainment has ever seen. But all good things eventually come to an end. As of late, whenever Kane hears the date May 19, he snaps. The Big Red Monster has been hearing voices of late, and it sends him into a destructive trance. This led him to chokeslamming his former partner after a match against the Spirit Squad. Big Show tried to talk things out with Kane, but it just didn't work. In fact, things just got worse. Just one week before Backlash, Big Show said that Kane crossed the line when he tried to gouge his eye out. Before the match, Big Show said, "Tonight, it's an eye for an eye."

Kane worked on Big Show's right arm and shoulder early on in the match in this battle of the irresistible force vs. the immovable object. Kane's strategy paid off, because when Big Show went for a chokeslam later in the match, he couldn't connect due to his injured arm.

Big Show, staying true to his pre-match comments, went after Kane's eye, but the Big Red Monster avoided the attack. But moments later Kane began hearing voices again. Kane snapped and started repeatedly banging his head against the turnbuckles. He was writhing around on the mat in an uncontrollable trance. Big Show grabbed a chair and reluctantly smashed Kane over the head. Big Show, not truly wanting to hurt his former friend, threw down the chair in disgust and left the ring. After enduring such a vicious blow, Kane inexplicable sat back up with a demonic look on his face and began laughing. How could the Big Red Monster enjoy such a vicious attack? And what is the source of Kane's recent problems?

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