Matt Striker's Classroom with Eugene

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April 30, 2006

Matt Striker came to Backlash looking to teach the fans in Lexington, Kentucky a lesson; instead, the teacher got some Stunning feedback from one of Kentucky's own.

Striker's Classroom was in session, and the teacher brought out Louisville native Eugene, who he called "the smartest man in Kentucky." Striker told everyone that Eugene was a living example of why not to marry your cousin, and told the Superstar that he had been brought out to be made into an example. Striker then bet Eugene that he couldn't spell his own name; Eugene said he could, but when Striker gave him chalk to write it on the blackboard, Eugene produced the phrase "Matt Striker Loves Poop" instead.

As an enraged Striker berated Eugene, Eugene began to pick his nose. Striker stopped him before he could eat his own booger, so Eugene simply stuck it in the teacher's mouth instead. Striker once again flew off the handle and tried to attack, but Eugene nailed him with a Stone Cold Stunner, teaching the scholarly Striker a lesson of his own.

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