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Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Unified Tag Team Champion; WWE Tag Team Champion

Tyson Kidd: Bio

Here’s a fact for you: No matter where his promising WWE career takes him, Tyson Kidd will always have Hart.

Kidd has that legendary surname to thank for grooming him into an elite WWE Superstar. Hailing from the same stomping grounds in Calgary, Alberta, as the Hart clan, Kidd trained under the family patriarch Stu Hart at the influential Dungeon, then later under the personal guidance of WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart. Their investment proved to be well worth the time when Kidd made it to WWE, quite literally carrying the Dungeon banner as one third of The Hart Dynasty, becoming the first team to carry the bronzed WWE Tag Team Titles you see today. Fact.

Kidd was also the first Superstar to use WWE NXT to sharped his skills, taking his talents down to Full Sail when left adrift on the main roster to redefine himself as a brutal, relentless and (if need be) entertaining competitor worthy of any championship he desired. Fact. 

He’s also one half of the “Best Team Ever.” Fact? That’s subjective, but given that he and Cesaro became WWE Tag Team Champions two months and 21 days after being thrown together on a lark at a WWE Live Event, it’s safe to say it’s more fact than fiction. 

So there you have Tyson Kidd: A Superstar who defies definition, defies expectation, and defies adversity. He’s got heart, he’s got Hart, and he will never be held down. These, ladies and gentlemen, are the facts.

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