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Sasha Banks

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Raw Women’s Champion; WWE Women's Champion; NXT Women's Champion

Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks

Some people are born Bosses. Others have Bossness thrust upon them. Sasha Banks is the former, although she didn’t always know it.

An independent wrestler out of Boston, Banks worked her way through various promotions before finally getting a foot in the door in WWE NXT. Eventually, the quiet but talented young woman found her voice and realized that, well, she kind of ruled. The Boss was born. Since then, Banks hasn’t looked back for a second, though she turned plenty of heads throughout her astounding rise to dominance within NXT’s ultra-competitive women’s division.

As one of Full Sail’s “Four Horsewomen,” Banks helped usher in a new era of competition that would eventually make its way to WWE’s main roster. Joining up with Naomi and Tamina to form Team B.A.D., Sasha honed her skills by taking on some of the most talented Superstars WWE has to offer, from Becky Lynch to Nikki Bella. As if cult-hero status wasn’t enough — no matter her alignment, “We Want Sasha!” chants are a given — she’s already made history only a few years into her young career, winning multiple titles and taking part in the first-ever women’s WWE Iron Man and Hell in a Cell Matches.

So, yeah. Sasha’s a Boss, and only further Bossness awaits.

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