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Johnny Gargano

Anything can happen in WWE — except Johnny Gargano giving up on his dreams. The Superstar known as Johnny Wrestling is beloved by the NXT Universe, and for good reason: He simply never quits. When he was told he was too small to make it in WWE, Gargano proved otherwise, going from free agent to full-time NXT Superstar after fateful runs in the Cruiserweight Classic and Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournaments.

Together with Tommaso Ciampa as #DIY, the tenacious Superstar lifted NXT’s tag team division to new heights. The partnership produced memorable rivalries against the likes of The Revival and The Authors of Pain, and it resulted in an NXT Tag Team Title for the onetime best friends. Though a heartless betrayal by Ciampa brought a tragic end to the popular tandem, there is no fear that Gargano will forge a path ahead, and thanks to his never-say-die mentality, you better believe Johnny Wrestling’s quest will have the full support of the NXT faithful.

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