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Jinder Mahal






Punjab, India

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Camel Clutch

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Jinder Mahal: Bio

Birthed into Indian royalty, Jinder Mahal is accustomed to having only the finest things in life, but that hasn’t stopped him from getting his hands dirty as one of the ring’s most ruthless Superstars.

Mahal revealed himself to be a master manipulator in his earliest days in WWE, convincing The Great Khali to turn on his own brother, Ranjin Singh, and join the vocal villain to form a new power duo destined to dominate. Following a fallout with the towering Punjabi powerhouse, Mahal aligned with Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater to form 3MB, a triumvirate of misfit rockers who shredded their way from town to town. Though 3MB never captured championships, Mahal and his bandmates made their mark in WWE — even if they had to pester their way to it.

3MB disbanded in June 2014, which preceded Mahal leaving WWE for years, only to make a surprise return in August 2016, as he fought his way to a Raw contract before transitioning to SmackDown in April 2017. Since making his comeback, Mahal formed a ferocious alliance with Rusev, which quickly fell apart. No matter. Mahal is more than capable of handling business on his own.

Wherever he goes, Mahal finds a way to make himself more powerful by forging strategic partnerships, but as he’s displayed in the past, he won’t hesitate to burn bridges if it advances his own cause. It’s that exact type of callous, self-interested behavior that, combined with Mahal’s incredible strength and cunning ring awareness, makes him a serious threat once the bell rings.

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