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San Juan, Puerto Rico

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Epico: Bio

A member of the storied Colón wrestling dynasty, Epico and his cousin Primo, also known as The Shining Stars, are world-traveled ring veterans who never met a town they didn’t think paled in comparison to their native home of Puerto Rico. In short, the cousins had only one goal in mind: To turn WWE into an extension of their home, by force if necessary.

And make no mistake, despite their easygoing mannerisms, The Shining Stars are about as far from wilting flowers as a tag team can get. Primo & Epico are more than capable of dishing out a beat down that’s as fine as their world-class cuisine. Epico, in particular, showed his status as an innovator, busting out a trifecta of suplexes he calls the “Tripleta” and aiding Primo in devastating their opponents with their signature Shining Star finishing maneuver.

With the world laid before them and the culture of their homeland in their hearts, The Shining Stars are on a mission to turn the ring into their own personal Island of Enchantment. As for their opponents? Well, they won’t be so lucky.

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