El ToritoBio

In the history of the corrido de toros, there have been many bulls who have entered into the annals of legend. Magnificent beasts who took their opponents to the brink of doom, these animals have been immortalized not only by the warriors of Plaza De Toros, but the spectators who bore witness to their majesty.

One such bull has crossed the great ocean and brings his fury to the ring of WWE: El Torito.

The faithful companion of Los Matadores, Diego & Fernando, Torito is more than just a mascot. The little bull has involved himself in Los Matadores' victories, goring Zeb Colter and Heath Slater and even getting involved in the Madatores' first pay-per-view victory at WWE Hell in a Cell.

El Torito brought smiles to the faces of the WWE Universe when he eliminated Fandango from the 2014 Royal Rumble Match and made history when he beat Hornswoggle in the first ever “WEELC Match” at Extreme Rules in 2014. The high-flying bull continued his winning ways by defeating ‘Swoggle at WWE Payback in a Mask vs. Hair Match, keeping his identity safe, while giving his mascot rival a brand new haircut. The pint-sized Superstar is quickly making it apparent that he’s much more than the sum of his parts. And that’s no bull. ¡Olé!