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The Superstar known as Bray Wyatt seems to have stepped out of the collective population’s nightmares and into our reality. A man shrouded in mystique, he has made it his mission to bring his macabre vision to WWE.

No matter how cryptic his message might be to the WWE Universe on a given day, The New Face of Fear has made it clear that he aims to lead his flock in search of some sort of a higher purpose. And from the moment The Eater of Worlds set foot in WWE, he and his followers would not disappoint, exuding an eerie and dangerous presence as they offered a very succinct message to all opposition: “Run!”

In the course of his dark mission, The Man of 1,000 Truths has engaged a slew of Superstars in battle, including Kane, John Cena and The Undertaker himself, leaving a lasting impression on any who dared to cross his path. Where will the scourge of Bray Wyatt take him next? Only the buzzards know for sure. 

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