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Big Cass






Queens, N.Y.

Signature Move

East River Crossing; Empire Elbow

Career Highlights

2015 NXT Tag Team of the Year (w/ Enzo Amore)

Big Cass

Big Cass: Bio

Big Cass

You can’t teach the size that Big Cass brings to the table, but if you’re facing him, you’re about to learn a very painful lesson.

A seven-foot bruiser from Queens, Cass may have made his bones as Enzo Amore’s tag team partner, though he learned relatively soon on that the spotlight was only big enough for one of them and went about claiming it in the most painful way possible, booting Amore in the face to end their friendship.

Now, the singles division of Monday Night Raw will have to contend with what the tag division already knew: Punishing power, surprising agility and a mean streak the length of the BQE, with no possibility of a tag out to save them. Anything but “sawft," Big Cass’ future is as bright as the Manhattan skyline and as wide as the Queensboro Bridge … not that anyone needs him to spell that out for them.

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