Sheamus def. John Cena in a Tables Match (New WWE Champion)

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December 13, 2009

SAN ANTONIO - Every second seemed like the most important tick in squared circle history during Sunday's epic Tables Match for the WWE Championship at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. In the end in San Antonio, however, it was Sheamus who utilized the timber to defeat John Cena to capture the WWE Title for the first time in his career and stun the WWE Universe.

From bone-crushing blows to each competitor's extreme passion, John Cena and Sheamus delivered a battle for the ages as each gladiator in this blockbuster bout aimed to slam their adversary through a table. In the closing moments of the collision, it appeared Cena was ready to suplex Sheamus onto a table from the top rope. But Sheamus used his raw power to shove the former champion off the top and through the table to claim shocking victory.

Similar to his violent outbursts on Raw recently when he smashed Cena and guest host Mark Cuban through lumber, The Celtic Warrior capitalized on the opportunity to become one of the fastest rising Superstars to earn the WWE Title in WWE history.

Just less than two months after debuting on Monday Night Raw, the vicious Irishman proved he is as dominant as he has alleged to be. The ferocious warrior never backed down from the renowned Cena, and showed that even an inexperienced Superstar can pull off the unexpected.

In the Tables Match fallout, a rare look of disappointment in the eyes of the former WWE Champion told a tale of a defeated warrior, but don't expect this to last long. This year alone, Cena has been involved in some of the memorable matches including ones against Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Randy Orton, Big Show and now Sheamus -- the new WWE Champion.

The WWE Universe may clamor for Sheamus and Cena's paths to once again intersect. But now that even John Cena has been unseated by The Celtic Warrior for the title, can he (or anyone) possibly stop the uncontrollable Irish champion?

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