ECW Champion Christian def. Shelton Benjamin (Ladder Match)

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December 13, 2009

SAN ANTONIO -- It's impossible to fully prepare one's self for a match type as punishing as a Ladder Match -- much less when the ECW Championship hangs in the balance. But at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs, Christian proved that experience can count for quite a lot when duking it out high above the ring, perched precariously on a steel ladder. The Land of the Extreme's favorite son successfully grasped the ECW Title, defeating Shelton Benjamin and defending his reputation as a Ladder Match luminary in the process.

Though Christian is rightfully honored for competing and making history in the very first TLC match, his opponent Shelton Benjamin is no slouch when it comes to scaling a perilously-high ladder, having taken part in a record four Money in the Bank Ladder Matches. The WWE Universe was delighted as these risk-taking Superstars made use of all the ladder-wielding attacks, sky-high brawling and daredevil dives that Ladder Match enthusiasts would expect from such a dream match-up.

However, if fans expected the match to be nothing more than a reheating of prior contests, they were in for quite a surprise, as evidenced by a series of death-defying dives that left Captain Charisma busted open and in need of medical attention. Though both ring warriors put life and limb on the line in pursuit of the ECW Title, it was Christian who ultimately reached the championship after putting his opponent through a ladder outside the ring. Barely able to stand after the punishing match, Christian unhooked the Land of the Extreme's top prize to retain his championship.

Since returning to WWE and capturing the ECW Championship, Christian has been no stranger to challengers intent on relieving him of his coveted title. But in a move that was unusual, yet still befitting this fighting champion, Captain Charisma confronted the No. 1 contender, Shelton Benjamin, challenging the Superstar to a match that both were more than familiar with: A Ladder Match. Though The Gold Standard was at first taken aback by the proposal, after hearing of Christian's intention to "steal the show" at the first-ever WWE TLC Benjamin eagerly accepted.

Though Christian will return to Tuesday nights still the proud ECW Champion, he will no doubt be feeling the effects of this match-up for some time to come. And just as Captain Charisma will remember the duress Shelton Benjamin and he subjected their bodies to, the WWE Universe will fondly recall the night these two Superstars stole the show at the first-ever WWE TLC.

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