Randy Orton def. Kofi Kingston

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December 13, 2009

SAN ANTONIO — Randy Orton came to WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs with retribution on his mind. For weeks, Kofi Kingston had gotten the better of The Viper at every turn, from destroying Orton's new car on Raw to pinning him at Survivor Series.

Orton was not going to leave San Antonio without a victory and, thanks to a vicious RKO, the third-generation Superstar made sure that didn't happen.

From the opening bell, these two Superstars went at it with everything they had, until a well-timed dropkick put Orton in the driver's seat. With Kingston writhing in pain, The Viper began to methodically pick his opponent apart.

And then the explosive Superstar suddenly came alive, attacking Orton with a controlled frenzy of kicks and punches. When Kingston connected with Trouble in Paradise, it looked like Orton's fate was sealed, but The Viper managed to grab the rope at the last second.

The third-generation Superstar then took control of the action, nailing Kingston with a DDT and a punt, which missed Kofi's head but connected with his forearm. With his opponent seriously damaged from the brutal kick, Orton seized the opportunity and connected with an RKO for the win.

Despite the loss, Kingston displayed a fighting spirit that can't be denied. Few Superstars have brought the fight to Orton the way Kofi has and the victories he chalked up over The Viper will remain in the record books.

The question now is, will this second pinfall victory over Kofi be enough for Orton? Or will The Viper have more in store for Kingston on Raw? Tune in Monday night to find out.

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