Drew McIntyre def. John Morrison (New Intercontinental Champion)

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December 13, 2009

SAN ANTONIO - At WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, Drew McIntyre stunned the WWE Universe, overcoming Intercontinental Champion John Morrison to capture his coveted title and cementing his reputation as a dominant force to be reckoned with throughout WWE.

In a high-octane battle of sheer emotion that pitted the merciless against the magnificent, the unrelenting ruthlessness of McIntyre ultimately prevailed. 

The Shaman of Sexy used his acrobatic moves on the Scottish Superstar on numerous near-pinfall attempts, including taking the action outside the confines of the ring. The two Friday night Superstars battled back and forth in a display of unrelenting young prowess and athletic ability. However, McIntyre woud not let up, with timely maneuvers of his own and intestinal fortitude against Morrison, a proven champion. Ultimately, the Scottish Superstar used the devastating Double Underhook DDT to put away Morrison and earn his first sweet taste of one of the most storied championships in WWE. 

From the moment he set foot on SmackDown, McIntyre's brutal drive and untamed ability seemed to serve as an intense prophecy to his imminent championship success. "The Chosen One," personally signed by WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, has run rickshaw over numerous top Friday night Superstars such as Finlay and R-Truth and fought his way to victory in an explosive Elimination Match at Survivor Series. However, it was his monumental non-title win over The Guru of Greatness on SmackDown that helped bring him into the title picture.

Walking into WWE TLC, John Morrison stood as the prime example of everything the Intercontinental Title represents. A dynamic, ultra-athletic Superstar as outspoken as he was talented, The Friday Night Delight upheld his growing reputation as the "A-Lister" when he triumphed over Rey Mysterio in an explosive match to win the title. The Friday Night Delight picked up the prominent championship and ran with it, meeting every challenge head-on; rising to the top time and time again as he defied his challengers who tried to knock him off the mountain. But, at WWE TLC, it would be McIntyre who climbed to new heights, hurling the high-flying Superstar on a tremendous descent from glory.

Drew McIntyre will return to SmackDown with the spoils of his squared circle success. But, with John Morrison and several other Superstars undoubtedly ready to take the much-desired title away from him, will The Scottish Superstar's unrelenting brutality be enough to keep it around his waist in the weeks to come? 

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