R-Truth def. Ted DiBiase

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November 23, 2008

DETROIT—All the money in his trust fund couldn't buy Ted DiBiase a victory over R-Truth at Over the Limit. The "Fortunate Son" thought that hiring his father's old manservant and manager, Virgil, would be enough to ensure him a victory in his first pay-per-view singles match. However, even with the Million Dollar Man's former attendant in tow, DiBiase could not secure the victory over R-Truth.

After his first WrestleMania match, Ted DiBiase not only inherited the Million Dollar Championship, but he was also granted access to a trust fund set up by his father, the Million Dollar Man. With an exorbitant amount of cash at his disposal, the "Fortunate Son" began to use the money to his advantage, living a richer lifestyle. He also felt that he was entitled to having a servant and manager just as Virgil was to his father. When DiBiase ordered R-Truth to carry his bags while in the locker room, implying the rapping Superstar become the new "Virgil," R-Truth responded by slapping the arrogant son of the WWE Hall of Famer in the face.

With the rivalry coming to a head at Over the Limit, feeling he did not need a new "Virgil," Ted DiBiase rehired the real Virgil, a man who always ensured his father's success inside the ring. As the battle in Detroit pushed both Superstars to their boundaries, R-Truth's greater experience in the ring proved to be too much for the "Fortunate Son." Even with Virgil in his corner, R-Truth's quickness allowed him to take the upper hand in the match and let the arrogant trust-funded Superstar know "what's up." (PHOTOS)

While R-Truth may have been victorious, there's no limit to how much money Ted DiBiase will spend to get his revenge.

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