Divas Champion Eve def. Maryse

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November 23, 2008

DETROIT — It takes a lot to silence the arrogant Maryse. But the stunning Eve managed to do it at Over the Limit, driving her rival's perfect face into the mat to pick up the win and hold on to her coveted Divas Championship. (PHOTOS)

Maryse can't be happy about the way things turned out tonight. After losing the butterfly title to Eve in April, the conceited Diva has done everything possible to make life miserable for her gorgeous foe. From interfering in Eve's matches to brutally attacking her during a photoshoot, nothing was too devious for the French-Canadian competitor. But when it finally came down to a fair fight, the Divas Champion's jiu-jitsu skills were simply too much for Maryse to handle.

That isn't to say Maryse was completely outmatched. As vicious as she is beautiful, the leggy blonde brought the fight to Eve, nearly pinning her on multiple occasions. But the French-Canadian's arrogance soon went to her head, giving the Divas Champion the opportunity to nail a unique maneuver that sent Maryse headfirst to the canvas. 

Will this loss silence the self-centered Diva or is she already figuring out another way to humiliate Eve? Tune into Raw on Monday night to find out.

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