A lion’s last stand? What’s at stake for Chris Jericho at WWE Over the Limit?

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May 16, 2012

A legendary lion

At the beginning of the year, the WWE Universe braced for the end of the world.

When Chris Jericho returned to WWE in January, he did so with much fanfare and a pointed, tantalizing promise: His enigmatic arrival would herald "the end of the world." Now, more than five months later, Jericho may be facing his final days in a WWE ring if he fails to capitalize on his fourth title opportunity in as many pay-per-view events at WWE Over the Limit this Sunday.

One of the most decorated champions in history, Jericho has already cemented his place in WWE lore. In a career that has been nothing short of legendary, the first-ever Undisputed WWE Champion has amassed an astounding number of titles and has found success all over the world. From his humble beginnings in Mexico to time spent honing his craft in Japan, from frustrating days in WCW to lengthy title reigns in WWE, the Superstar has made the most of every opportunity that’s come his way. (WATCH CHRIS JERICHO’S GREATEST MOMENTS)

Still, while the walls of Jericho may be lined with championship gold, he has been anything but golden lately, failing to follow through on a number of bold predictions. Jericho’s string of losses has left the WWE Universe to wonder if the legendary lion may be facing extinction as he heads into a Fatal 4-Way title bout at WWE Over the Limit against World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio.

For the man who predicted the end of the world, will WWE Over the Limit prove to be an ironic ending to a legendary career? Or can Jericho shrug off his recent string of losses and make a heroic final stand in his pursuit of WWE championship gold? Perhaps more importantly, does Jericho need a win at WWE Over the Limit to save some face — and, quite possibly his career — after his latest comeback has seemingly misfired?

To even attempt to predict his future, we must first take a look back at what brought Jericho to such a precarious place in his career.

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