World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus won the Fatal 4-Way Match

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May 20, 2012

RALEIGH, N.C. – In what was his greatest challenge as champion to date, Sheamus stood up to seemingly insurmountable odds in a brutal Fatal 4-Way Match on his way to retaining the World Heavyweight Title. It was certainly no easy feat, squaring off with three former multi-time World Champions – Alberto Del Rio, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton – but The Celtic Warrior’s triumph cements his rightful place as one of WWE’s most dominant Superstars. (PHOTOS)

The way in which The Great White picked up the victory was undoubtedly impressive – after all, he only had a one in four chance of leaving Raleigh, N.C., victorious. Fatal 4-Way Matches are especially treacherous for the defending champion as they can lose the title even if they don’t submit or succumb to pinfall. With that in mind, The Celtic Warrior’s victory leaves the WWE Universe wondering who could possibly dethrone the World Heavyweight Champion, and what the future holds for his challengers at WWE Over the Limit.

Not in doubt, on the other hand, was the disappointment of the three challengers, particularly The Viper. In the bout's waning moments, Orton ate a Brogue Kick from the champion only days after delivering a cautionary RKO to The Great White on SmackDown. Although Orton was not pinned following the strike, a post-match close-up of The Apex Predator's furious countenance said it all.

After a brief few moments of the four gladiators sizing each other up, an all-out brawl erupted. Sheamus and Orton focused their attacks on Del Rio and Jericho, quickly removing them from the squared circle. The WWE Universe inside the PNC Arena rose to their feet at The Viper and The Great White sized each other up, ready to strike. The crowd waited with baited breath as the two Superstars taunted each other, only to be stopped by a returning Jericho and Del Rio.

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