Daniel Bryan def. Triple H

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April 06, 2014

NEW ORLEANS — The catchphrase that launched a movement became a triumphant battle cry at WrestleMania 30, as 75,167 WWE Universe members rallied Daniel Bryan to victory against Triple H with thunderous “Yes!” chants in the sold-out Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Bryan’s hard-earned win over WWE’s Chief Operating Officer propelled the galvanizing Superstar to the night’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship main event, where he would do battle with Batista and reigning titleholder Randy Orton.

However, the celebrations were short-lived. Moments after Bryan connected with his signature running knee and felled the mighty King of Kings, Stephanie McMahon entered the ring and “congratulated” Bryan with a succession of stinging slaps. Distracted, Bryan was vulnerable to a savage post-match assault by Triple H, who went after Bryan’s already injured shoulder — a tactic Triple H utilized throughout this emotionally charged encounter.

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Still feeling the effects of a similarly brutal attack by Triple H weeks earlier on Raw, Bryan “Yessed” to the ring at WrestleMania with bandages wrapped around his chest, an accessory that stood in stark contrast to the opulent gold skull helmet and crimson robe of the man Stephanie referred to as “the most powerful man in WWE.” In a show of what appeared to be sportsmanship, The Game began the bout by extending his arm for a handshake — a move that was countered by a kick to the palm by the bearded revolutionary.

Risking further injury, Bryan nevertheless launched his body at the sadistic COO with reckless abandon, but it was Triple H who gained an early advantage by zeroing in on Bryan’s all-too-obvious weak point. Twice, Triple H tore at Bryan’s damaged limb with wince-inducing crossfaces, but it was The Game’s second application of the hold that allowed Bryan to reverse the maneuver into his own “Yes!” Lock. Watching at ringside, Stephanie’s malicious grin morphed into a look of genuine concern as Triple H barely made it to the ropes.

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