WrestleMania Diary: AJ Lee, introduction

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April 03, 2013

Once likening herself to a “scared Chihuahua” during her earliest days in WWE, AJ was hardly the most vocal person in the Divas locker room, nor was she at the center of conversation in catering as Superstars traded travel stories, strategized about their matches later in the night or enjoyed the rare sugary indulgence from the dessert table.

Yet she was always observing, taking inventory of her surroundings with the very same eyes that once kept her glued to the TV set every Monday night for Raw. It was perhaps only a matter of time before those captivating brown portals would ensnare the gaze of a potential suitor.

Enter World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

Tumultuous is a kind word for the resulting relationship between AJ and Bryan, a union that would ultimately cost the dynamic Diva her friendship with an increasingly concerned Kaitlyn. Nevertheless, Bryan would transport the lovelorn Ms. Lee to Miami for WrestleMania XXVIII — her debut on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

In the opening contest at WrestleMania XXVIII, Daniel Bryan strode — or more accurately, “Yessed” — into Sun Life Stadium to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Sheamus, a beaming AJ following dutifully behind him. And part of that duty, as it had been for weeks prior, was wishing her champion good luck in the form of a peck on the lips.  

Bryan beckoned for his beauty, who promptly hopped up onto the ring apron and leaned over the top rope ever so slightly to lock eyes and lips with her bearded beau. A moment later, AJ’s welcoming puckered visage was supplanted by Sheamus’ Brogue Kick, a concussive impact that would not only shatter Bryan’s World Heavyweight Championship reign in a record 18 seconds, but also form spiderweb-like cracks in AJ and Bryan’s union.

It’s all too appropriate, then, that AJ earned the nickname of “The Black Widow” in some circles, sharing the moniker of the potently venomous arachnid known for consuming her male counterpart. Of course, to AJ, the less-than-flattering descriptor is instead reminiscent of Marvel Comics’ superspy femme fatale, Black Widow … and is a label she now wears with pride.

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