SmackDown GM Theodore Long def. RAW GM Eric Bischoff

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September 30, 2005

On paper, Eric Bischoff seemed to have a decided advantage over Theodore Long. However, when the battle of the General Managers made it to the squared circle, Long proved that the old "any given Sunday" adage still proved true.

Long surprised Bischoff early on, avoiding his martial arts tactics and infuriating the RAW GM. However, Palmer Canon inadvertently distracted his partner, and Bischoff used the distraction to choke Long with his black belt.

As Bischoff had Long seemingly poised for defeat, the Boogeyman's music began to play. Bischoff dispatched both referees to cut off the Boogeyman; unfortunately, when Bischoff turned around, the Boogeyman had come to get him.

Boogeyman delivered a vicious powerslam to the RAW GM, and then slid out of the ring surreptitiously. As SmackDown official Jim Korderas slid back in the ring, Long managed to roll over and pin a dazed Bischoff for the three count.

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