Women's Champion Trish Stratus def. Melina

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September 30, 2005

Coming into Survivor Series, Trish Stratus had to worry about not only Melina, but her cohorts Mercury & Nitro as well. In the end, it was interference from Trish's second that ended up making the difference.

Fueled by a quest for revenge, the Women's Champion dominated her foe early, and hit a plancha on all three members of MNM. Melina would take control on the Women's Champion, but was pulled out of the ring by Mickie James, sparking a catfight. With the referee's attention diverted, Mercury & Nitro came in to attempt a Snapshot on Trish, but the referee caught them in the act and ejected them from ringside. Melina managed to retain control, even blocking Trish's attempt at Stratusfaction.

However, as Trish stood on the apron after that missed attempt, Mickie James pulled her out of the way of a charging Melina. Trish then nailed a big kick, and a bulldog off the top rope was enough for Trish to pin Melina and retain the Women's Championship.

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