ECW Champion Christian def. William Regal

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August 23, 2009

LOS ANGELES -- Christian's win came in record time (eight seconds) at SummerSlam, as the ECW Champion hit an unsuspecting William Regal with the Killswitch to retain his Extreme gold. But Captain Charisma's celebration was cut just as short when the merciless British Brawler and his associates, Ezekiel Jackson and Vladimir Kozlov, attacked the ECW Champion after the match. (PHOTOS)

A confident Christian, whose busy days leading up to Sunday night's pay-per-view were chronicled in an exclusive diary, found plenty of support from his Peeps at the STAPLES Center when he hit a disrobing Regal with the Killswitch to end the ECW Championship Match in mere seconds. For this, Captain Charisma was brutally punished.

Jackson and Kozlov, who have been competing in a personal game of one-upmanship for several weeks on ECW on Syfy, once again used Christian as their pawn. First the unstoppable force known as Ezekiel Jackson viciously slammed the ECW Champion to the mat. Not to be outdone by his massive counterpart, The Moscow Mauler repeated the action, leaving Christian in a vulnerable state. 

While his timing was less than perfect during the brief ECW Championship Match, Regal capitalized on Christian's defenseless condition, cruelly locking in the Regal Stretch on the fallen Superstar. Captain Charisma's Peeps could only look on in shock as the ECW Champion endured such harsh punishment from Regal, Jackson and Kozlov.

After the carnage ended and Regal and his associates boldly returned up the ramp, a stunned and abused Christian was left lying in the ring. Follow the ECW Champion after the match in the continuation of his exclusive diary.

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