ECW World Champion Big Show def. Sabu

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August 20, 2006

After weeks of taking matters into his own hands, Sabu finally got his chance at the ECW World Title at SummerSlam in an Extreme Rules Match. But despite all of his hard work and showing he is willing to sacrifice his own body to get the job done, Sabu wasn't able to capitalize on the opportunity he fought so hard to get. In the end, Big Show pinned Sabu to retain the ECW World Title.

For several weeks, Paul Heyman denied Sabu's request for a match because he wanted to protect the ECW World Champion. This caused many to question how Big Show would fare against the Suicidal, Homicidal, Genocidal, Death-Defying Maniac in an Extreme Rules Match. Only moments after his win, the extreme champion had a few words for his critics.

"I'll defend the title against anybody," Big Show shouted. "I'll defend it against Ric Flair, Kane, Undertaker, Batista… anybody they put in front of me because I'm a fighting champion. ECW's a fighting company, that's what we do. We fight, we don't play. So if you want to step in this ring with Big Show and take a chance at my title, come on. You'll find out what Big Show is all about. Because nobody can beat me, I mean nobody."

Obviously, the champ is feeling pretty confident after his most recent win, but after pretty much dominating Sabu for the entire match, he has good reason to.

The bout started off with Sabu hitting the champ with his favorite extreme object: the steel chair. But Big Show responded by squashing the chair with a single thunderous stomp. The extreme giant again showed off his strength when he threw his opponent from one side of the ring to the other, sending Sabu rolling to the ground.

Sabu took the opportunity to pull some more objects into the ring and was eventually able to do a running leap off a chair to go headfirst with Big Show through a table, which burst into splinters with the immense impact.

The hit busted Big Show open, but gave him the motivation he needed to hold on to his gold. The 500-pound giant crushed his opponent with a big splash before tossing the steel steps into the ring. After balancing a table between the steps, the champ gave Sabu a devastating spike DDT through the set up.

Sabu made a final effort to turn it around when he leapt at the champ from yet another table, but Big Show caught him in mid-air and gave him an extreme chokeslam through the table for the pin and the win.

A sweaty and exhausted champion closed his eyes to savor the victory over the man many said he wouldn't beat. Sabu may not have gotten the job done at SummerSlam, but knowing the ECW original, the giant may not have long to rest before he is coming after him again.

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