Chavo Guerrero def. Rey Mysterio

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August 20, 2006

The bitter Chavo Guerrero/Rey Mysterio rivalry came to a head at SummerSlam, and in the end, it was Vickie Guerrero's accidental interruption that cost Rey the match.

Throughout the early stages of the match, Chavo repeated to Rey "That's my blood, not your blood," referring to their association with the late, great Eddie Guerrero. As the crowd of 16,000 WWE fans in Boston's TD Banknorth Garden chanted, "Eddie! Eddie!," the match went back and forth between Chavo and Rey. There were many high-flying moves, including a 619 and a hurricanrana by Rey which knocked Chavo over the top rope.

Eddie Guerrero's widow, Vickie, who has been caught in the middle of Chavo and Rey's rivalry, showed up ringside in an attempt to talk some sense into the former friends. She tried to pull Chavo out of the ring and slapped his face, but that didn't deter Chavo. At one point, both men even hit the other with the Three Amigos, an Eddie Guerrero signature move. Vickie kept shouting "Stop fighting," but Rey climbed onto the apron and up to the top rope. Vickie climbed the apron to try to plead with Rey, but on her way up, she slipped and grabbed the rope. As she tumbled to the floor, she was horrified when she realized she caused Rey to lose his balance and fall to the mat.

As Rey was down, Chavo took advantage of the situation with a brainbuster. Chavo climbed to the top rope, and with Vickie still yelling "No more fighting, stop it," Chavo pinned Rey with another Eddie Guerrero move, a Frog Splash, for the win. As Rey lay in the ring, Chavo limped away slowly, yelling "I'm a Guerrero." A dejected Vickie also walked away, upset over the situation she caused which continues to tear her family apart. spoke exclusively to Rey after the match, who was confused and upset by Vickie's actions at SummerSlam.

"I feel very confused that Vickie decided to come out. I know she doesn't want me and Chavo fighting, which is totally understandable, but there's no reason for her to come out during a pay-per-view match like SummerSlam." Rey said.

"It has to come down to me and Chavo settling this as men, and tonight was the night to settle it. Obviously something went wrong and I lost the match. I need to have some questions answered. I'm just really confused right now."

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