Women's Champion Trish Stratus & Mickie James def. Candice & Victoria

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March 18, 2006

Women's Champion Trish Stratus was originally supposed to team up with Torrie Wilson in this tag team match, but last week on RAW, Wilson was found laid out unconscious with an autographed copy of Candice's Playboy on her stomach. It appeared as though Candice and Victoria had attacked her, so Trish needed a partner. The Women's Champion had previously told Mickie James that she needed some space from the excitable Diva. Mickie had gotten too overbearing and borderline psychotic when it came to her idol Trish Stratus. She was obsessed and Trish had enough. But she had no choice but to team up with her at Saturday Night's Main Event.

Trish started off the match, and never even tagged in Mickie. Stratus was able to hit Victoria with the Stratusfaction for the win. After the match, Mickie told Trish that she knew she wanted some space, and she would give it to her. But, first, she wanted to say goodbye the right way. With that, Mickie went in for a kiss. Trish turned her face, causing Mickie to plant a big kiss on her cheek. Mickie then gave Trish a big hug and began jumping up and down. Trish pushed her off, but she paid for it, as Mickie hit her with the Mick Kick and her own version of Stratusfaction. Later on WWE.com Unlimited, Mickie James said that Trish had broken her heart, and now she was going to break Trish.

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