Stone Cold Steve Austin def. JBL (Beer Drinking Contest)

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March 18, 2006

Stone Cold hadn't been seen since last October, but the Texas Rattlesnake made a triumphant return to WWE television on Saturday Night's Main Event. In a recent interview with, Stone Cold talked about the greatest wrestlers to ever come out of Texas. Stone Cold balked at including JBL on the list, and the native Texan (currently residing in New York) took great offense to the omission. In order to get back at Stone Cold, JBL wanted to beat the Texas Rattlesnake at his own game -- a Beer Drinking Contest.

Stone Cold's beer drinking antics in WWE are legendary. So, it was no surprise that the future Hall of Famer accepted JBL's challenge. Stone Cold said that he was worried that JBL would give him a run for his money, so he decided to practice for the contest. He said that for breakfast he had 24 beers and then for lunch he had 15 pitchers of beer. JBL and Stone Cold had 25 beers each already set up on a table. JBL said he didn't want to get tipsy, so they would drink for one minute and whoever drank the most beer would be declared the winner. In old, Texas fashion, JBL said that they would stand back to back and drink. The Texas Rattlesnake started throwing a couple back, but JBL started throwing the beer onto himself, pretending to drink. Stone Cold knew something was up so he walked around to JBL and caught him in the act.

An irate JBL tossed a beer at Stone Cold and left the ring, but before he could get very far, United States Champion, and JBL's opponent at WrestleMania, Chris Benoit came out and threw JBL back into the ring. Stone Cold then drenched the self-proclaimed Wrestling God, and capped off his night with a classic Stone Cold Stunner. 

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