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Whose winning streak will end first?

Whose winning streak will end first?

Brodus Clay, Lord Tensai or Ryback?

Whose winning streak will end first?

A dominant new force has taken WWE by storm. Boasting immense size and brutally effective skills, this completely unique and physically imposing Superstar has yet to taste defeat in 2012.

WWE.com, of course, is referring to Brodus Clay … or, maybe Lord Tensai … or perhaps Ryback.

All three massive grapplers have ripped through the competition week after week – with zero losses between them. Seeing as a single victory in WWE is extremely hard to come by, their triple tour-de-force suggests that all of them could become a major player in WWE.

But, which titan will taste defeat first?

Beware: The Funkasaurus

Brodus Clay's debut vs. Curt Hawkins: Raw, January 9, 2012

Brodus Clay makes his funktastic Raw debut Curt Hawkins against Curt Hawkins on January 9, 2012.

With nearly 20 wins in WWE since touching down from Planet Funk, including triumphs over The Miz, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger, the dancing Brodus Clay has the most extensive and impressive 2012 resume among the three. ( BRODUS CLAY’S PROFILE)

From Raw to SmackDown, Royal Rumble to Extreme Rules and even an epic, mother-lovin’ dance party at WrestleMania XXVIII, The Funkasaurus has danced and dominated on every stage he stepped onto.  Always accompanied by the beautiful "Funkadactyls" — Naomi and Cameron – Clay never lets his matches get in the way of a good time or calling his momma.

With other friends like his “little brother,” Hornswoggle, and United States Champion Santino Marella, the Superstar from Planet Funk loves to have fun and bust a move, but he has proven just as capable of busting heads when the bell rings.

However, all parties must come to an end. The Miz gave Clay quite a challenge on the May 7 edition of Raw SuperShow, nearly taking the big man out. And even though his 6’7”, 375-pound frame gives Clay a huge advantage over nearly every opponent, at some point he won’t be able to rely solely on his strength and size.

Is his winning streak likely to continue? Or will the Funkasaurus soon be a fossil, albeit a large and funky one?

A beast from the Far East, Lord Tensai

Lord Tensai's WWE debut vs. Alex Riley: Raw, April 2, 2012

Lord Tensai makes a statement in his WWE debut.

Lord Tensai thundered into WWE on April 2, boasting a rich, storied past that spans across both decades and continents. With brutal efficiency, he dispatched Alex Riley and announced his presence as a mysterious, dangerous new figure in WWE. ( LORD TENSAI’S PROFILE)

Covered in tattoos and piercings, the larger-than-life Tensai at first appeared like a natural disaster, destroying all in his path with no course. On the April 30 edition of Raw SuperShow, the enormous Superstar aided Executive Vice President of Personnel and Raw and SmackDown General Manager John Laurinaitis in a vicious attack on John Cena. The reviled GM solidified his alliance with Lord Tensai when he paired the rugged veteran of the Japanese circuit with Daniel Bryan in a Handicap Match against WWE Champion CM Punk.

Although his wins over John Cena and CM Punk could be called dubious, Lord Tensai nonetheless has the most high-profile victories of the three undefeated Superstars. He had also cemented a strong relationship with Laurinaitis, as if the veteran didn’t have enough competitive advantages already.

That, however, is both a positive and a negative for his chances at staying undefeated. Swimming with the big fish at the upper echelon of WWE is a great way to carve out a lasting legacy of dominance, but it is also a great way to end a winning streak.

With his 6’7”, 370-pound size and an extensive repertoire of moves he picked up over years in Japan and around the world, Lord Tensai has few barriers to unlimited success in WWE. But whether anyone can stop this powerhouse from building on his five WWE wins and continuing his winning ways remains to be seen.

The awesome power of Ryback

Ryback makes his debut: SmackDown - April 6, 2012

The entire WWE Universe was treated to the impressive debut of Ryback on SmackDown.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

At least that’s what many a Superstar was wishing after witnessing the 6’3”, 291-pound terror known as Ryback descend upon WWE.

Hailing from Sin City, the intimidating grappler debuted on April 3 and promptly made a habit of demolishing local competitors while his fellow Superstars watched in admiration on television backstage. If one can be judged by what his peers think, then Ryback is off to a great start, as he firmly has the WWE locker room’s support and attention. ( RYBACK’S PROFILE)

Sure, crushing local talents isn’t enough to guarantee future status as an icon of the squared circle, but no one can argue with the absolute one-sided dominance with which Ryback has dispatched his opponents. After upgrading to destructions of Derrick Bateman and Heath Slater, he figures to only move up the WWE food chain in the coming weeks.

Although Brodus Clay and Lord Tensai may have height and weight advantages on SmackDown’s brutal competitor, “The Mental Machine” most certainly holds the advantages in power and raw physical strength. While he hasn’t shown dance moves, utilized green mist or made friends with his fellow Superstars, Ryback, instead, has relied purely on muscle, intensity and ruthless aggression.

With nearly 10 wins in WWE in a short period of time, Ryback shows no signs of slowing down or letting up. “Feed him more!”

After examining the current winning streaks of Brodus Clay, Lord Tensai and Ryback, whose streak does WWE.com think will last the longest?

WWE.com picks ...

Ryback vs. Heath Slater: SmackDown, May 11, 2012

Ryback unleashes his extraordinary strength and unique arsenal of moves on Heath Slater.

Although Brodus Clay, Lord Tensai and Ryback each could have a prolonged winning streak, the truth is that all good things eventually come to an end. All three could be major players in WWE for years to come, but the Superstar who has the best chance of staying undefeated for the longest time isn’t from another planet or another country. It’s the beast from Sin City.

Lord Tensai has a bright future in WWE, but it seems inevitable that his association with John Laurinaitis will lead to difficult matches against top talent. At some point in the near future, one of these situations could work against him. How many matches can one have against outstanding, generational talents like CM Punk and John Cena before tasting defeat?

The ending of Lord Tensai’s streak may be followed by The Funkasaurus. Brodus Clay has rung up 20 impressive and dominant wins, but his recent matches have been much more closely contested. A near-loss to The Miz showed that although he’s from Planet Funk, The Funkasaurus is decidedly human. It might not be that long before he has to call him momma with some bad news.

Meanwhile, Ryback could very likely prove to have the longest winning streak. Undefeated and unchallenged thus far, it seems probable he will continue winning and working his way up the WWE roster. Long story short, the WWE Universe should get used to the phrase, “Finish him!”

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