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Tag Team challengers?

Primo & Epico successfully defended their WWE Tag Team Titles in a pre-WrestleMania Triple Threat Match against The Usos and Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd ( PHOTOS), bringing their reign past 80 days.

With so many possibilities in the WWE Tag Team division, who will be the next wave of challengers? WWE.com looks toward the horizon and presents a list of possible tag team combinations - some conceivable and some unusual - that could depose the current champions.

9. Cody Rhodes & Dolph Ziggler

Two of the youngest and most athletic Superstars on the WWE roster would give the champions a run for their money. Cody Rhodes is steaming after losing his Intercontinental Championship to Big Show at WrestleMania. ( FULL STORY | PHOTOS) Dolph Ziggler is always looking for his next opportunity to show off and advance his position in WWE. Navigating these "Zig-Zagging Rhodes" would be a major challenge for the WWE Tag Team Champions.

8. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel

After an impressive showing before WrestleMania in a Triple Threat Match for the Tag Team Championship, this recently formed duo of SmackDown Superstars looks like it could make some major waves. The high-flying Justin Gabriel suffered an injury ( INJURY UPDATE) on Sunday, but when he's fully recovered, he and Kidd can continue what looks to be a very promising partnership.

7. May-Ry & A-Ry

The hulking Mason Ryan and alpha-male Alex Riley just look like a dangerous pair. Both up-and-comers have had success in singles competition, but some victories in the WWE Tag Team division could greatly benefit both and eventually gain them a match with Epico & Primo. Bringing different skills to the squared circle, A-Ry and May-Ry could prove to be quite a potent - and powerful - combination.

6. Jack Swagger & Jinder Mahal

The All-American American often tag teams with fellow Vickie Guerrero client Dolph Ziggler. However, in order to reach the top, the former World Heavyweight Champion needs to think outside the box and try something unexpected. Few things would be less expected than Swagger joining forces with the Superstar with the Camel Clutch, Jinder Mahal. Who would have guessed that a singlet and a pagri would go so well together?

5. David Otunga & The Miz

Team Johnny’s WrestleMania captain and hero could join forces to dominate the WWE Tag Team division. John Laurinaitis should reward both Superstars for their excellent Show of Shows performances, and the new General Manager of both Raw and SmackDown could hit two birds with one match by creating a WWE Tag Team Title contest of David Otunga & The Miz vs. Epico & Primo.

4. Daniel Bryan & Christian

Daniel Bryan & Christian would be one whiny tag team of former World Heavyweight Champions. Captain Charisma and WWE's resident "Yes! man" can certainly talk the talk, but if given a WWE Tag Team Title Match, could they walk the walk?

3. R-Truth & Little Jimmy

R-Truth may have a screw loose, but he can take care of business in the squared circle. Successfully pairing with The Miz, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison and others over his WWE Tag Team career, R-Truth shouldn't have to look far to find his next possible teammate. The invisible Little Jimmy is already always by Truth’s side. Isn't it about time Truth's imaginary friend gets a match himself?

2. Santino Marella & Brodus Clay

Can somebody call my Cobra? On the April 2 edition of Raw SuperShow, Brodus Clay protected United States Champion Santino Marella from Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger after the comical Superstar successfully defended his title. Engaging in a dance celebration after, Santino and The Funkasaurus showed that they have natural chemistry. Combining the raw power of Brodus with Santino's awkward - yet winning - style could prove to be a dangerous threat to Primo & Epico's reign. At the very least, they could put on some fun and funky matches.

1. CM Punk & Chris Jericho

These bitter rivals failed to bury the hatchet after WrestleMania, where CM Punk defended his WWE Championship. ( FULL STORY | PHOTOS) The following day on Raw SuperShow, Jericho took advantage of a prone Straight Edge Savior and doused him in alcohol before bashing him in the skull with a glass bottle. ( WATCH | PHOTOS) It's tough to imagine these two becoming best buds any time soon, but if they were somehow ever to get on the same page?

Seven simple words: “The Best Tag Team in the World."

Are there other possible tag teams that WWE.com left out? Let us know in the comments section below, and be sure to make your voice heard on the official WWE  Facebook and Twitter!

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