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Justin Gabriel injured at WrestleMania XXVIII, will be out of action several weeks

The Cape Town high-flyer Justin Gabriel has been grounded temporarily, as the daredevil Superstar sustained an injury during the WrestleMania XXVIII pre-show, where he and Tyson Kidd and The Usos challenged Primo & Epico in a Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match. ( PHOTOS) In the match, Gabriel attempted his signature 450 Splash to seal the contest but landed awkwardly, and backstage tests revealed the Superstar had been injured.

"When he came down on his opponent he hyperextended and twisted his elbow," said WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann, who elaborated that the "Cape Town Werewolf" had suffered torn ligaments and stressed muscles. Luckily, the road to recovery seems somewhat straightforward for the fan- favorite. "Fortunately there is no surgery required and this is just a rehab issue."

Gabriel, who tweeted a picture of the injury earlier Monday from his account, recoutned the incident to WWE.com. "I tried a different variation of [the 450 Splash] coming off the ropes and I guess I just landed funny. I don't exactly know what happened."

But despite the injury, Gabriel didn't seem interested in switching up the high-risk style that has thrilled the WWE Unvierse week in and week out. "Accidents happen," said Gabriel. "It's a contact sport, people do get hurt, but it's not going to hold me back. I'm going to take even more risks when I come back."

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