Hall of Instability: The most unhinged WWE Divas of all time

Over the past several months, AJ has entangled herself with Daniel Bryan and WWE Champion CM Punk in a very off-the-wall way. Most recently, she took the game to a new level, keeping the WWE Universe on its toes as a special guest-referee in the WWE Title Match at Money in the Bank (RESULTS) and trading in a chance to marry WWE's "Yes" man in order to become the General Manager of Raw.

However, this is not the first time a WWE Diva displayed unusual behavior. Mentally unstable Divas have often had a considerable role and impact in the squared circle as contenders, champions, managers and in any other conceivable way.

And just like CM Punk, WWE.com digs these devious Divas, prompting us to talk about our feelings with this list of some of the screwiest Divas in WWE history. From the catty to the all-out batty, the slightly manic to the totally bonkers, these off-the-wall beauties could just about make you lose your mind.

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