WWE Champion CM Punk def. Daniel Bryan in a No Disqualification Match

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July 15, 2012

WWE Champion CM Punk defended his title against Daniel Bryan in a No Disqualification Match at Money in the Bank 2012 with AJ as the guest referee.

PHOENIX — Like a swift kick to the chest, love hits hard. But it’s safe to say Cupid’s arrow wasn’t half as powerful as the discretion of AJ, the special guest referee for CM Punk and Daniel Bryan’s No Disqualification WWE Championship Match at Money in the Bank. After all, AJ was the one who, following months of ominous flirtation with both WWE Champion Punk and No. 1 contender Bryan, held the ultimate power to determine the WWE Title’s fate when the two technicians clashed for the third time in as many months with the title on the line. Going into the highly anticipated contest, the WWE Universe was waiting with baited breath to see which Superstar AJ would grant favor to.

As always, she made it interesting down to the last second. (PHOTOS)

Punk and Bryan wasted no time in taking advantage of the No-DQ stipulation, taking the fight outside the ring within seconds and trading slaps to the chest with each other before rolling back into the ring and unleashing a flurry of kicks to each other’s legs.

Bryan got the upper hand early, leveling Punk with several of those signature kicks (roaring “YES!” with every strike) and repeatedly dogging the fallen champion with boots to his back and submission holds in an attempt to weaken Punk early on.

The champion countered quickly, though, flooring Bryan with a dive to the outside after the “Yes!” man rolled out of the ring to escape Punk’s offense. From there, the battle spilled up the entrance ramp, where Punk slammed Bryan onto the guardrail, leaving Bryan’s head ringing with the impact and nearly sending him into the stands among the WWE Universe.

That was where things got interesting.

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