SmackDown Results: Orton apologized to Triple H, looking for a little TLC support

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December 13, 2013

Randy Orton apologized to The Authority

With the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships hanging above the ring – a symbol of the historic Champion of Champions clash between Randy Orton and John Cena at WWE TLC this Sunday – The Viper called out COO Triple H to apologize for “accidently” knocking down Stephanie McMahon during the Championship Ascension Ceremony on Raw. The Viper proceeded to back up his point with more than one camera replay that showed how the incident was not his fault.

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While The Game accepted Orton’s apology and chose not to fire him because it wouldn’t be “best for business,” The Face of WWE then asked Triple H to respond to a look of seeming unity between The Authority and John Cena, moments after Stephanie was knocked down.

When asked if they had the same faith in Orton as The Viper has in himself, the COO shook Orton’s hand and responded that The Authority knows exactly where their faith lies. It was an ambiguous statement to be sure, leaving The Viper – and the WWE Universe – to wonder just who The Authority will be rooting for on Sunday.

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