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November 01, 2013

“Miz TV” hosted uninvited guest WWE Champion Randy Orton

Informing the WWE Universe that scheduled interviewee Shawn Michael had “left the building,” The Miz decided to serve as his own guest on “Miz TV” – offering the opinion that Randy Orton was the WWE Champion solely because of the actions of HBK at WWE Hell in a Cell.

The Face of WWE defaced The Miz | Watch as Triple H banned Big Show for life

In response, Orton emerged to insist that he would be champion regardless of what Michaels did before suggesting that the real reason The Showstopper left the building was because Miz was no longer relevant. The Viper also taunted The Awesome One by mentioning his attack on the outspoken Superstar several weeks ago – a slaughter that took place in front of Miz’s parents – and how the WWE Universe practically cheered when it happened.

After stating his opinion that Miz should join Big Show in the unemployment line, the Face of WWE RKO’d his prey before he could respond.

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