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August 31, 2012

Rey Mysterio def. Cody Rhodes


Cody Rhodes’ “obsession” with masked Superstars and why they cover their faces continued as he battled longtime adversary Rey Mysterio. Before taking on his opponent, the former Intercontinental Champion claimed that masks are “a sign of pathetic fear, panic and ugliness,” and it’s been his goal to prove that Superstars like Mysterio and Sin Cara are false idols.

Once the bell rang, a fierce showdown between Rhodes and Mysterio kept the WWE Universe on the edge of their seat. While the determination of the Master of The 619 rang through at every turn, the precisely brutal skill of Rhodes seemed to overwhelm The Ultimate Underdog at he unleashed a series of vicious stomps, slams and pinfall attempts.

But, much like he did when he faced Sin Cara two weeks ago, Rhodes became fixated throughout the match with removing Mysterio’s mask. This backfired and the highflier was able to turn the tables. When Rhodes caught a second 619 attempt and tried to go for the mask again, Mysterio countered for a quick pinfall victory.

After the match, Rhodes attacked Mysterio, desperately trying to remove his mask, but Sin Cara ran out to Mysterio’s aid, setting up The Ultimate Underdog for a crushing 619. Sin Cara added insult to injury by putting a replica of his distinctive mask on Rhodes.

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