SmackDown results: Sheamus' post-match onslaught helped resurrect the SummerSlam World Title Match

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August 17, 2012

Alberto Del Rio def. Chris Jericho


While making his way to the ring to face Alberto Del Rio for the first time on SmackDown, Chris Jericho was suddenly and viciously attacked from behind by his SummerSlam opponent, Dolph Ziggler. (WATCH | MATCH PREVIEW)

As a result of the incident, Del Rio — with the help of his personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez — anointed himself the winner by forfeit. That proved premature, though, as the visibly injured Jericho heroically emerged to face his opponent after all.

The extremely hard-fought match that followed was ultimately interrupted when Ziggler dropped the top rope down, just as Jericho was charging into it. This sent the nine-time Intercontinental Champion plummeting to the ringside area. The referee, who was distracted by Rodriguez, did not see the treacherous move, nor Ziggler throwing the fallen Superstar back into the ring to suffer a furious kick to the head by Del Rio to end the match.

After the bell, with Ziggler screaming into Y2J’s ear, Del Rio cinched in the Cross Armbreaker. To the surprise of the elated WWE Universe, the injured Sheamus, with bandaged arm and all, charged to the ring to rescue The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla — engaging Del Rio after Ziggler headed for the hills.   

After The Mexican Aristocrat escaped his back-and-forth brawl with The Great White by running into the crowd, Sheamus asked GM Booker T to reinstitute the World Title Match between him and his adversary for SummerSlam, explaining that the only person who wanted the matchup more than Del Rio was him.

Will the squared circle hold their contempt for each other this Sunday? (MATCH PREVIEW)

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