SmackDown results: Sheamus picks up the disqualification victory over Kane, with mass disruption for Del Rio and AJ

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June 08, 2012

Alberto Del Rio and two "Celtic Warriors" brawled at the start of SmackDown

COLUMBIA, S.C. – Nine days before No Way Out, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez's involvement in the fierce World Title Match between World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Kane led to an uncertain finish. But, it was the presence of AJ that led to two earth-shattering post-match Brogue Kicks.

Looking to get under the skin of World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus, No. 1 contender Alberto Del Rio journeyed to the ring in a boastful mood, following his post-match assault of The Celtic Warrior on Raw SuperShow this past Monday. (WATCH | PHOTOS) The Mexican Aristocrat recalled Sheamus’ suggestion to “never trust a hooligan” before promising he will break The Great White’s arm in nine days at No Way Out. (MATCH PREVIEW)

That guarantee brought Sheamus to the ring – or so it appeared. Instead, the WWE Universe quickly recognized a disguised Ricardo Rodriguez making light of the Irish brawler by mimicking his distinctive red hair, outfit and gestures. His over-the-top caricature drew the ire of the real Sheamus, who promptly made his way to the ring and took the fight to Del Rio and Rodriguez in short order. The fight would eventually spread outside the squared-circle, all the way up to the steel stage.

Before the aggressive Celtic Warrior and The Mexican Aristocrat could dole out any serious damage on each other, a slew of referees and former SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long emerged to put a stop to the chaos and make a huge announcement. Citing an order by John Laurinaitis – who was off preparing for his evaluation by a returning Mr. McMahon this coming Monday on Raw (FULL STORY) – Teddy announced that Sheamus would face Kane in the SmackDown main event, while Alberto Del Rio was scheduled to fight immediately – against The Great Khali!

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