Intercontinental Champion Christian def. Cody Rhodes

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June 08, 2012

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – The athletic ability of two of WWE’s most versatile Superstars was put on full display at No Way Out, as Intercontinental Champion Christian defeated former titleholder Cody Rhodes to retain his illustrious title. (PHOTOS)

Christian entered the IZOD Center Sunday night with two essential goals in mind. First and foremost, defend the Intercontinental Championship — the same title he won in shocking fashion when he returned to the ring at WWE Over the Limit one month earlier. But Captain Charisma also sought to solidify his standing as one of the greats in WWE history and gild the road to what he hopes will someday lead to the WWE Hall of Fame.

Cody Rhodes, on the other hand, looked to add another championship reign to his family’s already legendary lineage on this Father’s Day. Heading into Sunday’s pay-per-view, Cody was typically cocky, and that arrogance carried over into the bout as the challenger continually held up three fingers — signifying that he was looking for his third reign as Intercontinental Champion.

A red-hot New Jersey crowd was clearly vested in the battle, giving their Captain a warm welcome when his music blared through the sound system. The action really picked up when Christian hit a flying dropkick through the ropes, sending Rhodes crashing to the floor. The younger competitor was able to find an early opening, however, and zoned in on the champion’s left arm. Rhodes’ tactical assault slowed the pace of the bout and put the challenger in complete control.

The more experienced champion turned things around on the outside of the ring, however, countering an Irish whip attempt and sending Rhodes crashing into the steel stairs before planting his foe with a resounding DDT on the ringside floor.

Back in the ring, Christian continued his offensive assault, but Rhodes proved his mettle by continuously countering his opponent’s varied offense. The momentum of the match swung back and forth repeatedly, with multiple cover attempts and near-falls that brought the WWE Universe in attendance to its collective feet on several occasions.

The New Jersey crowd wasn’t prepared for what came next, though. Captain Charisma hit the Killswitch on Rhodes, went for the cover and looked to end the bout. Incredibly, the young Superstar dug deep and somehow managed to kick out. Christian then went to the top rope looking for a frog splash, but again, Cody thwarted the attack, getting his knees up and countering what should have been a match-ending maneuver.

After a thrilling series of counters that saw Christian miss a Killswitch attempt and Cody come up empty trying for the Disaster Kick, the WWE Universe saw flashes of Edge, as Christian planted Rhodes with a monstrous spear to secure the pinfall victory and retain the Intercontinental Title.

It was only fitting that Christian would utilize the finishing move of his WWE Hall of Famer best friend, as Captain Charisma  took another significant step toward mirroring Edge’s accomplishments, as well.

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