United States Champion Santino Marella def. Ricardo Rodriguez (Tuxedo Match)

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June 14, 2012

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – It was a black tie affair at the IZOD Center in The Meadowlands of New Jersey Sunday as United States Champion donned a tux to battle Ricardo Rodriguez in the return of the cummerbund-crushing Tuxedo Match concept on pay-per-view. In a match designed to destroy clothing for a conclusion, neither man would like the way the look, guaranteed. (PHOTOS)

During the competition, Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and Booker T reminisced about the great Tuxedo Matches of the past (WATCH). The Milan Miracle described the stipulated bout as “one of the most electrifying matches in sports-entertainment” during a WWE.com Exclusive (WATCH), and it was certainly a unique bout to say the least, but did not exactly live up to its epic characterization by Santino.

Clad in a powder-blue getup more appropriate for a 1970s senior prom than a pay-per-view battle, Santino abandoned his signature power walk to ringside in favor of a smooth John Travolta-esque stride. “Rodridgo,” as the United States Champion refers to him, opted for the classic black tie option, befitting his typical announcer duties. But No Way Out was no typical night for Alberto Del Rio’s employee. On the night when Del Rio was sidelined by injury, Ricardo was to grapple in his first pay-per-view singles match.

Ricardo showed no fear, tearing at his opponent’s pocket, which Santino retaliated against by doing the same to his rival. After Ricardo’s lost his sport coat to his opponent’s grasp, Santino performed his best Tito Santana impression, enticing Ricardo to run at him like a bull and flying out of the ring to the floor.

Rodriguez’s white shirt was the match’s next victim, but his bowtie remained on. His shapeless physique was on display and his neckwear was intact, but it was clear that Ricardo is no Chippendales dancer. After a brief comeback by the ring announcer, Santino lost his white shoes to reveal a Cobra on his right foot. The snake struck, and off went Ricardo’s trousers to end the matchup in favor of the United States Champion.

But Ricardo’s embarrassment was far from over. Only six days after being found out as a Justin Bieber fan, the camera focused on the loser’s rear end, revealing Alberto Del Rio’s likeness printed on his briefs. Ricardo was the butt of the joke once again. From “Baby, Baby” to “destiny,” the shamed Rodriguez certainly has an unorthodox collection of idols.

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